How Our Process Works


1) Property owners and managers submit their contact information in our quote request form.


2) Property owners and managers then text us short videos that show their front, side, and backyard parts of their lawn. We ask them to point out anything important that we need to know.


3) steps in and surveys the property using advanced satellite imaging and surveying software. This enables us to zoom in and accurately measure the lawn and to look at other aspects of your landscape.


4) We use the videos, satellite imagery, and measurement data to set your fair market quote based on current trends in local markets. We then tell you your quote and present the job to our trusted affiliates and contractors who can take care of the work for you.  


5) Property owners will receive no phone calls and will have nobody knocking on their door unless they ask. All communication will be through us and via email with our service providers. 


Privacy Focused!


Our platform answers many of the problems plaguing the massive lawn mowing industry!