About Us 

Welcome to V1 of our site. We are busy behind the scenes working on the platform. Our mission is to become the top lawn mowing service in North America. We believe our simple processes solve many of the problems that plaque this massive industry. 


Advanced Satellite Imaging and Surveying

When a property owner or manager puts a lead through our site our staff at LawnMowing.com gets to work surveying and measuring the property using advanced satellite imaging and surveying. 


Text us Quick Lawn Videos

We then have homeowners and property managers text us quick videos of their front, side, and backyards that they take with their smartphone. This quick and easy process eliminates many of the pain points in the quotation process.


No Phone Calls 

During the quotation process you will get no phone calls unless you specifically ask for one. All communication are done with email and text messaging. Nobody will show up at your property unless you ask.  


Drone Network Rollout 

We are rolling out a service where we will be able to fly a drone to any home in the United States and take a quick look at your lawn. The rollout of this program starts in 2019 in Georgia.


Leading Affiliates

We work with a great network of independent lawn mowing contractors. Because of our brand we get to pick-and-choose who we work with.


Our Brand

If LawnMowing.com isn’t the #1 brand in lawn mowing already — we think it will be soon!


Business Development

We are the domain holders of LawnMowing.com/.net /.org & 40+ of the random others. Currently looking at VC and M&A deals. Contact @1971capital on Twitter.